The benefits of monthly lenses

The benefits of monthly lenses

When you have unsatisfactory eyesight you have two options; to wear glasses or to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses are becoming more and more popular as they are practical and make you look as if you have no eyesight problems. But what are the best types of lenses to have?

Monthly lenses are increasingly becoming the most popular. These monthly disposable lenses allow for constant wear without the need to have to make sure the lenses are not about to fall apart. The lenses are disposed of and replaced after two to four weeks, making life a lot easier than if you had a gas permeable pair that are meant to last you years. The only care you have to give them is to make sure you take them out at night and place them in cleaning solution.

For some this could be seen as a ‘con’ to having monthly lenses. Some people can be forgetful and will find it hard to remember to place them in solution every night. The key to this is to get yourself into a routine. Maybe make it the thing you do straight after you clean your teeth or wash your face. Perhaps place a post-it note on your mirror saying ‘lenses!’ Once you have done it for a while you will soon find you do it without thinking.

Once you have this under control you will appreciate the multitude of advantages to having monthly disposable lenses. For a start they are far more affordable than daily lenses. You pay once a month for your lenses and solution, and that is it. When you divide the cost by how many days wear you get, it works out at a very reasonable price.

Another advantage to the monthly lenses is the wide range of materials and models you can choose from. Because they are the most common of lenses, more research and money has gone into the range, therefore you will find it hard not to find exactly what you are looking for.

Monthly lenses are practical and safe; always consult your eye specialist before purchase, but these are the way to go.