History of Contact Lenses

Leonardo da Vinci is said to be the first man that introduces the idea of contact lenses back in 1508. He was credited for describing and sketching a method of directing changing the corneal power by submerging the eye into a bowl of water. It was not until more than 300 years later that contact lenses were actually fabricated and worn on the eye. In the year 1887, a German physiologist by the name of Adolf Eugen Fick constructed and fitter the first successful contact lens.

The first breakthrough in modern soft contact lenses were designed by Czech chemists Otto Wichterle and Draholslav Lim who published their work on “Hydrophilic gels for biological use” in the journal Nature in 1959. The hydrogel lens were pretty popular up until in 1999, the development of the silicone hydrogels were launched into the market. This contact lens boosts itself as a product that extreme high oxygen permitted into the eye.