Tips for Buying Contact Lenses

When you have decided to opt for wearing contact lenses instead of the conventional glasses, there are a few things that you will need to consider before buying contact lenses. Here are some tips that you can consider when buying contact lenses.

Firstly, you will need to carefully test the power of your eye. The optician will advise you on the degree of your eye’s vision before you can start to consider if you should opt wearing bifocals, short sighted, long sighted or if you even have astigmatism. After deciding on the power of your eye, you can then decide which types of contact lenses to choose from.

If you opt to choose permanent contact lenses, you will need to take care of the contact lens daily. Apart from soaking the contact lens into a solution everyday after removing it from your eyes, you will also need to soak it into a tablet weekly. The function of this tablet is to cleanse the bacteria that have accumulated from the week of wearing the contact lens.

If you opt to choose disposable contact lenses, you will need to consider the expenses involved. Most companies that produce disposable contact lenses manufacture contact lens with short term wearing from daily to weekly to monthly and bi-monthly change. You will have to remember to change the contact lens when the time comes as prolonged wearing after the expiry may cause eye infection or problems. Although disposable contact lenses do still require soaking the contact lens into a solution everyday, it is considered a healthier option to others because of its disposable function.

You may also consider want to consider a soft or hard type of contact lens. Permanent contact lenses are most of the time hard. However, for disposable contact lens, you have a choice of either a soft or hard contact lens. Soft contact lens is marketed as a more comfortable contact lens because the softness contact lens will mould itself to the wearer’s eye. The disadvantage is that it might be slightly more challenging task to wear for beginners. Hard type of contact lens, on the other hand, is easier to wear because you can easily see the right side to wear the contact lens and does not bend easily outwards when it touches the eyeball.

For people that are interested to change the color of your eye, you can opt to choose the color contact lenses. Depending on your mood, you can change to a mistier colored eye or fiery colored eye whenever you want.