What is Contact Lenses?

contact lenses, contact lensContact Lenses or simply known as contacts is a corrective, cosmetic or therapeutic lens placed on the cornea of the eye. Contact lenses is the solution replacement for those people wearing spectacles (or better known as glasses). Contact lenses serve the same purpose as glasses except for its lightweight and nearly invisible appearance. Many commercial lenses are tinted with a faint blue hue to make them visible when immersed in cleaning and storage solutions. Some are even colored deliberately to alter the appearance of the eye and some have now have UV coating to help reduce UV damage to the eyes natural lens.

There are a lot of reason why people these days choose to wear contact lenses. Most of them are due to the appearance and convenience. Compared to glasses, contact lenses are much more suitable for sporting activities, do not fog up the lenses, provide a wider field of vision, less affected by weather and convenient.

Source from Wikipedia