Types of color contact lenses

Types of color contact lenses

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There are a few types of colored contact lenses available in the market. Most of these color contact lenses are available in plano format and designs available for people with astigmatism, bifocal or disposable.

Color contact lenses come in 3 kinds of tints. First are the visibility tints. A visibility tint is usually a light blue or green hue added to the lens to help see better during the insertion or removal of the color contact lens. It also helps if you accidently drop the lens making it easy to find because of the slight shade of color. However, the very light tint does not affect your eye color

The second kind of color contact lenses are the enhancement tints. Enhancement tint is a solid but translucent tint which is a slightly darker color than a visibility tint. Because of the darker color, an enhancement tint will change the color of your eye. Thus, giving it the name as it implies which is to enhance the existing color of your eyes. It is usually best worn for people with light color eyes and for those who desire to make their eyes more intense.

The last kind of color contact lenses are the color tints. Color tints are deeper, opaque tint that can totally change one’s eye color completely. Usually, these thinks are made of solid color patterns. Those who have dark eyes would need this type of color contact lens to change the color of your eye. Usually, this color contact lenses comes in a variety of colors from hazel to violet to gray colors. Color contact lenses companies usually makes the contact lens to mimic the nature look of the iris. However, the center of the lens where the pupil lies is usually clear so that the user is able to see.

Costume or theatrical contact lens falls under the category of opaque color tints. These special effect contact lenses are usually used in movies or when the user wants to transform themselves into a special character such as an alien or leopard.